Getting the most from your moulder

Photo By Weinig Group

From aligning shoes beneath the bed plate, to using software for clues to knife wear, here are some tips to optimize the moulder operation in both production and custom woodshops.

Quality feed rollers are key to maintaining a continuous, positive feed. Also, ensure the shoe is parallel with the bed plate underneath. Poor finishes can result from a misaligned shoe. Consideration should also be given to the amount of contact the shoe has with the workpiece. Also pay attention to the machine’s alignment, including the tables and fences. Surface problems can result if these are not level,

Technology can help reduce the cost per linear foot of moulding. Technology such as a high cutterhead RPM, makes it possible to maintain a high rate of feed while achieving a good surface finish. The use of material handling in front and behind the moulder allows the process to be highly automated, further reducing handling and therefore the cost per linear foot.

Related to this, operators can improve the productivity and profitability of these machines through the use of software. Even the basic packages that come included on machines can signal when the knives in a cutterhead need to be jointed or when a cutterhead needs to be removed for regrinding, thereby preparing the operator for action and thus reducing downtime on the machine.

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