Pin or pinless?

Pinless moisture meters use electromagnetic sensors to measure moisture content by scanning from the surface of the wood.

Photo By Wagner Meters

The fastest way to test the moisture content of wood is to use a moisture meter. There are two main types of wood moisture meters, pin-type and pinless.

Pin-type meters use penetrating electrodes (pins) and measure the wood’s moisture content using electrical resistance. Pinless meters are non-penetrating and read the moisture content. They don’t leave damaging pinholes on the wood’s surface. 

Pin-type meters 

Pin moisture meters contain two small pins that need to physically penetrate the wood for a reading.

The general process for pin-type moisture meters is:

  • Insert the pins into the surface of the wood you want to test.
  • Make sure they’re aligned with the grain and not across it.
  • Turn on the meter. The electrical current will then move from pin to pin and measure the resistance.

Pinless meters

Pinless moisture meters are easier to use. Just press the scanning plate against the wood’s surface, turn it on, and receive the results.

Source:  Wagner Meters. For information, call 888-798-9712 or visit Excerpted from “Is a pin or pinless moisture meter best for you?” available by clicking here.


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