Solving sawblade tooling issues

Photo By Leuco

Problem: Blade edge life considerably reduced after sharpening

  1. Small or fine trim cuts may cause the sawblade to deflect. This is also referred to as lying over. Increase amount of trim or reduce feed rate when making trim cut.
  2. Properly serviced saws should be capable of approximately 18+ sharpenings
  3. Angles on tooth or steel shoulder may have been changed.

Problem: Sawblades cuts well but only for a very short time

  1. Sawblade may have to many teeth thus not allowing for proper chip size.
  2. Rate of feed may be to slow generating unwanted heat and premature dulling.
  3. The sawblades projection should be no less than 12mm (1/2”) above the materials top surface.
  4. Plane running accuracy of saw flange. Flange on motor side is of most importance. Should be less than .02mm (.0008”)
  5. Concentricity of arbor shaft should be less than .02mm (.0008”)

Problem: Excessive noise levels

  1. RPM may be higher than blade was designed.
  2. Angles on tooth or steel shoulder may have been changed.
  3. Arbor should be vibration free.
  4. Arbor flanges / saw collars should be a minimum of 1/3 the blades diameter.

Source: Leuco Tool Corp. For information, call 800-631-0096 or visit

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