Rotary peeling a tree into high-tech material

In what it says is one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, Pollmeier’s trees are rotary peeled and transformed into a high-tech material – with hardly any waste. Called BauBuche, the process comprises boards and beams for timber construction as well as panels for furniture an interior design.


BauBuche is a laminated veneer lumber made from locally sourced beech manufactured exclusively by Pollmeier. Peeled veneer layers of 3mm in thickness are parallel- or cross-laminated and turned into beams, boards, panels and flooring elements.

In a BauBuche panel, the veneer layers are perpendicular to the surface.  Panels can be used for tabletops, sturdy work surfaces, ceiling and wall cladding, stairs, and wood flooring and feature the durability of an industrial floor, says Pollmeier.  BauBuche panels can be machined as solid hardwood and are ideal for visible applications.  The sanded surface is also ideal for further finishing.

With high strength, BauBuche allows for structures with significantly slimmer dimensions, compared to softwood materials.

“With the aid of applied science we were able to develop a completely new process technology which allows us to economically produce top-quality laminated veneer lumber from European beech for structural applications,” says company owner Ralf Pollmeier. “We call it “BauBuche” and we use only raw materials from local and sustainably managed forests in its production.”


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