New opportunities are opening in the woodworking market with the rising popularity of large-scale wood structures. The construction approach taps the strength of laminated beams (CLT or Cross Laminated Timber) and joists (LVL) to create durable structures that are the equal of steel and concrete in strength and durability.
The technology for producing the wood construction components originated as early as World War II, as a substitute for increasingly scarce steel and iron. More recently the development of wood structures has gain appeal as a more sustainable basis for building housing units for the hundreds of millions of consumers entering the middle class in emerging economies, especially China and India. 
Wood structures have a much smaller carbon footprint during manufacture and construction. In addition, wood beams sequester carbon permanently during the building's lifetime. For these reasons, European and Canadian markets have already built structures of 18 stories and more. The government in Canada in particular is a strong advocate for the WoodWorks! initiative to promote wood construction. 
In the United States, the Department of Agriculture began recognizing in the three years, the strategic opportunity to advance the wood industry by advocating for wood construction. A WoodWorks program in the U.S. modeled after the Canadian version has been well-received. The impact onf the secondary wood production manufacturing 

At the Woodworking Network Leadership Forum, July 18 in Las Vegas, Iain MacDonald from the TallWood Design Institute and Todd Black, CLT manager at DR Johnson Lumber, explain the phenomenon leading to Portland's 14-story wood high-rise.
Black and Oregon State and University of Oregon's TallWood Design Institute new manager Iain MacDonald detail the exciting developments in wood materials supporting a supply chain for timber towers. Eighteen-story buildings and massive condos, hotels, and schools have already been built in North America, including a 50,000 square foot warehouse nearing completion. 
Designed as a TEDx-style program for the wood manufacturing industry, this top-level conference is aimed at executives from North America’s 300 largest woodworking companies, the Leadership Forum will examine business, technology and material trends that will impact the design and production of cabinetry, furniture and interior millwork over the next decade.
A series of briefings will detail joint technology developments between suppliers and manufacturers in creating new materials and equipment. The event is followed by the Leadership Reception, at which the 2017 Wood Industry 40 Under 40 Awards will be presented.  The event runs Tuesday, July 18, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pricing: $299 early bird before June 30; $350 afterward.


Manufacturing FutureHAUS

Joe Wheeler, Professor of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech University shows a revolutionary prototype for the home of the future, with designs that lend themselves to modular cabinetry and furniture manufacture. Over the past four years, prototypes for the kitchen, bath, living room, bedrooms and home offices have been developed and shown at KBIS, with 25 industry partners, including Sherwin Williams and California Closets, providing design expertise. 

Wood Skyscrapers: CLT &  High-rise Buildings

DR Johnson Lumber's Todd Black detail the exciting developments in wood materials supporting a supply chain for timber towers. Eighteen-story buildings and massive condos, hotels, and schools have already been built in North America, including a 50,000 square foot warehouse nearing completion. 

Growth and insight from Manufacturing Data 

Initiatives to mine manufacturing data are providing insight into production issues, far more analytically than casual observation. This data, increasingly gleaned from the Industrial Internet of Things, provides a basis for business strategy and sales growth, and supports initiatives such as Industry 4.0. Wood industry data expert Mick Peters and author of Love Thy Data presents an overview.  

Joint Technology Development In Action

Going beta with suppliers, these wood manufacturing managers will relate first-hand the development of new technology for their operations.
• Decore-ative Specialties VP Todd Shapiro and Bacci America’s Joe Barry recount the two-year joint development of a custom CNC cabinet door sanding system, versions of which are now on the market. 
• Timberline Cabinetry & Millwork’s Kent Swinson and software expert Roger Shaw recount tailoring Production Coach enterprise software following a plant audit. 
• North American Plywood GM Donald Kuser details joint-development with Fuji on its Inca Onset high-speed digital staining, that turns 5x10’ plywood sheets to a high-def oak veneer look in 90 seconds.
• RCS Millwork’s Dan Keller and millwork firm Wilkie Sanderson president Marc Sanderson, will talk about the development of a plant-wide management system with Innergy to integrate machinery and processes. 

Trending Materials

Among the most popular subjects at Woodworking Network are new developments in materials. In addition to digital staining and cross laminated timber and panel, hear about: 
• One-off Digitally Printed Laminates - Stephanie Richardson, Design Manager, Schattdecor, will explain the technology and applications behind global decorative surfaces leader Schattdecor's move into its emerging digitally printed surfaces. Schattdecor operates its major U.S. production facility near St. Louis.
• Flame Finished Wood – Andy Hehl, head of Kebony USA and Delta Millworks have developed a new line of stylish wood that is finished using the trending Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique.

Changing Workforce: 40 Under 40s Take Charge 

Moderated by Dean Mattson, director of the new MiLL National Training Center, this prequel to the evening Wood Industry 40 Under 40 Awards program (sponsored this year by Stiles) will poll some of the industry’s best and brightest rising talent. You'll learn how differently they think, and pain points they encounter as they try to change their organizations, and their industry. On the panel are (from left):

• Jon Wenger, CEO of Genesis Products; • Tyler Bell, VP Marketing & Sales, Bellmont Cabinets; • Jonathan Zublena, Marketing Manager, Sauder Woodworking; Moderated by  Dean Mattson, Director, the MiLL

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