LAS VEGAS – Phoseon Sales Manager, David Kim, along with several other panelists, discussed the latest UV LED curing solutions during the Latest Advancements in the UV Finishing Technology – LED & Beyond seminar, held Thursday, July 20 during AWFS 2017.
From furniture and cabinet doors to parquet flooring, companies in wood manufacturing are embracing UV LED curing for wood coatings.
Phoseon Technology’s UV LED curing raises work piece surface temperature less than half of traditional curing methods that utilize traditional UV or arc lights, which can heat the wood’s surface by as much as 60 degrees Celsius.
“Heat creates tremendous challenges in wood coating, particularly with woods with high resin or oil content, such as pine, fir, spruce and mahogany,” said Jennifer Heathcote, regional sales manager at Phoseon Technology. “Heat brings the resins and oils to the wood’s surface, and that bleeding causes discoloration and problems with coating adhesion. UV LED curing systems transfer less heat to the work surface, which eliminates these issues and creates less product waste.”
In addition to yielding cooler substrate surfaces, Phoseon UV LED systems operate at temperatures that are often less than 10 percent of traditional lamps. For example, the bulb in a conventional system generally runs with a quartz surface temperature between 900 and 1,200 degrees Celsius. This temperature, as well as the infrared wavelengths of the bulb, is ultimately transferred as heat to the wood products. UV LED lamps also last longer and use less energy than traditional curing methods. With their lower operating temperature and energy efficiency, coupled with the elimination of exhaust, UV LED curing can increase total energy savings by as much as 90 percent.
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