For Many Wood Species, Our Marine Oil Is a Durable Finish
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Brooks Custom Teak Wide Plank Countertop
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Brooks Custom Teak Wide Plank Island
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Brooks Custom Walnut Wide Plank Island
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Brooks Custom Zebrawood Wide Plank Countertop

Wood countertops aren’t uncommon. There is a wide range of quality, but for the most part, thousands of woodshops are working with the same wood species and similar equipment. However, the finish on your wood countertop can make a world of difference.

Founded in 1977, Brooks Custom is a top manufacturer of high quality, innovative, custom countertops, range hoods, back splashes, sinks, fireplace surrounds and wall panels.

Our showroom and manufacturing facility is located in Westchester County, NY (we're at online) and includes state of the art fabricating, drafting and finishing equipment. We work with designers and architects on custom, innovative countertops.

While we work with several alternative materials (wood, metal, glass, concrete), wood countertops are what we’re known for.

What separates us from our competition is a unique finish that holds up against water, staining and every day-use for the life of the countertop. The finish is Brooks Custom’s Marine Oil Finish.

“We get customers all the time that are looking to order our finish by the barrel,” says our owner, Richard Brooks, said. “We tell them it’s not for sale, but they still insist and ask for any information they can to try and match our finish.”

At one recent show, one of our premium wide plank cherry countertops was on display.

“People were leaving cups on the countertop without realizing it and apologizing for water rings," says Brooks. "I laughed and would wipe away the water with my hand. With our Marine Oil Finish, that’s not a problem, and designers can breathe easy when there is an integrated sink involved in the wood countertop.”

Finishing a wood countertop may not be the most labor-intensive part of the manufacturing process, but it can be the most noticeable. Brooks Custom makes sure that our clients have all the options they need to get exactly what they’re after. This includes a matte finish that allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to take center stage.

“A dark stain can really set off a countertop, but I’ve always liked the natural look,” Richard Brooks says. “We’re really seeing a trend of designers that are after the natural colors for a kitchen countertop.”


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