Re-View has an impressive portfolio of work on courthouses in the United States, working on projects from Arizona to Washington DC. The traditional county courthouse is often the most impressive architectural structure in its region. We are always amazed at the distinct architectural styles and how these iconic buildings define a community.

One aspect of the architecture of the typical county courthouse that always stands out is the windows. Architects used the fenestration to make these buildings truly magnificent. We have worked on massive monumental windows, triple-hung units, frames and sash that are bent on a radius, and artistic stained and leaded glass. The associated woodwork and trim on a typical courthouse window is often incredibly detailed and integrates with interior woodworking. Window hardware on these courthouses is frequently a highly custom design with unique finishes. We have seen locks and lifts that look like jewelry for the window.

Most of these projects are grand in scope, involving hundreds of windows. Re-View is uniquely qualified to perform custom window restoration and replication on large projects. We specialize in the restoration of both wood and steel units, and are one of the largest manufacturers of totally custom wood window replicas. We also have a great deal of experience in improving the energy performance of historic windows by using weather stripping, changes in glazing technology, or implementing secondary glazing.

One of the reasons Re-View enjoys working on county courthouses is that every project is unique. No two projects have been alike. Whether we are working on wood or steel windows, every courthouse has a distinct set of challenges that makes our business exciting.

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