WINKLER, Manitoba - We are excited to now offer a whole NEW line of painted, primed or raw HDF DOORS. High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is made from densely packed wood fibers that offers a smooth and uniform surface ideal for a painted finish.

You now have the option of ordering a ONE OR FIVE piece construction HDF door. Similar to RTF doors, the one piece HDF door offer a seamless finish with no joints. Available in numerous profiles and door styles, the one piece HDF doors is an excellent option for your painted doors. If you prefer true corners and five piece construction doors, then our HDF five piece doors offer an economical alternative with the added benefit of having the ability to stand up to changes in heat or humidity which helps to maintain the integrity of the finish.

Our five piece HDF doors are available in several frame options with virtually all of our panel profile options. Both the one and five piece HDF doors can be ordered as Mullion frames offering additional options for your kitchen design. Below are a few examples of the HDF door styles available. Check out our Solid Color Collection and speak to your Customer Service Specialist to find out how you can get your painted doors the way YOU like them!

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