STOUGHTON, MA - Thinking of selling a home, or just moved in and can’t devote the time or funds to a total renovation, or you are pleased with the kitchen and just want to add a personal touch. Aside from simply painting the kitchen cabinets or walls, these are the seven easy-to-do updates.

1. Replace Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware comes in many styles and finishes. Some of the more trendy are made of Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed bronze with styles from knobs to classic pulls. Updating hardware is relatively easy and a fast way to change the look of a kitchen... a small change with dramatic results.

2. Add Mouldings

Trim mouldings add flair to a kitchen. Use a crown moulding to crest the tops of the wall cabinets and create a seamless, unified design. The same approach can be done to the undersides of the cabinets with an accent moulding (light rail). Both can be done in a day and may be painted or stained to match the existing cabinet finish.

3. Update to a New Sink & Faucet

Install a new sink and faucet to supplement a new countertop. The project can be done in a just a few hours. The most popular and most economical sinks are satin finish stainless steel. They are available in single or double bowl, as top and undermount styles of various depths. Consider the type of faucet preferred when choosing a sink style. Most sinks come with 4 holes to accommodate both 3 hole and 4-hole faucet types. A 4-hole faucet is one that requires a hole for: hot supply, cold supply, spout and spray. If the faucet of choice is a 3-hole set-up, on a 4 hole sink, the fourth hole is generally filled with a soap dispenser. Some faucets designs include a multi-purpose pull out spray which reduces the amount of holes it requires. This upgrade can be done in 3 to 4 hours.

4. Replace Counter Tops

Changing countertops is not as difficult as one might think and there are many good style options available from post formed laminate to solid granite. Laminate countertops, the most popular, have literally thousands of options including natural stone and soft or bold solid colors. The more adventurous do-it-yourselfers can create their own countertop using a combination of natural stone tiles. Solid natural granite is the second most popular choice due to its durability and beauty. Although it is a hard stone, it can be easily trimmed to size with a circular saw and diamond blade. Depending on the type of countertop selected, this project can be done in a day.

5. Create a New Backsplash

Backsplashes are as unique as you want them to be. The trend is a mix of glass and natural stone or metal-faced mosaic tiles. There are a host of options including a combination of solids and mosaics. These choices come in granite, marble, travertine, slate, ceramic and porcelain, with a range of sizes. The most time consuming step is choosing the style. The tiles are adhered directly to the wall with thinset mortar, and then grouted. This project can be done in an afternoon and will yield dramatic results.

6. Replace Existing Flooring

There are many types of flooring that can withstand the high traffic in the kitchen… the most popular is porcelain due to its outstanding durability. If installed properly, a porcelain floor will last a lifetime. Ceramic or natural stone floors are also high on the list. All tile floors require a solid subfloor that is screwed down tight. The tiles are set with thinset mortar, then grouted. The tile floor project takes more planning and installation time than a wood floor. Easy-to-install solid wood floors are also making a comeback in the kitchen. Many come pre-finished with a multi-layer urethane, eliminating the need for sanding and finishing.

7. Add a Kitchen Island

It will bring extra storage space, work space and style to your existing kitchen. Be sure to consider the typical clearance of 30” between it and other cabinets to allow for easy flow in and around the kitchen.

Whichever route one takes to update the kitchen, the most important steps are planning and preparation. Allow plenty of time. Take on one section at a time. After one step is complete, start the next.

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Source: Grossman's Bargain Outlet

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