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Modern software solutions must provide continuous assistance from design to the final production and be ready to supply modifications at any time. woodCAD|CAM manufacturing software from Roger Shaw & Associates Inc. is the answer. woodCAD|CAM woodworking software provides an integrated data flow in operation from “first sketch to the machine.” Manufacturing reports are available directly after creating the design. Design data is prepared for manufacturing and automatically transferred to the machine. With full implementation woodCAD|CAM greatly reduces costs, increases process reliability and profits, the company says. woodCAD|CAM is AutoCAD Based and features: submittal drawings, intelligent product design, custom products, photo realistic renderings, and link to CNC production.

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RSA Solutions – our expert consultants can solve your manufacturing problems!  

We’re here to guide you to the best possible solution for your particular business. Every business has unique needs and process-specific challenges to meet. RSA consultative services can quickly help you get on the path to more efficient and profitable manufacturing processes regardless of what you’re currently using for software and machinery.

And, should you need new software, we can help you select and customize the software that fits the way you do business, not the other way around. RSA Solutions represents the leading Woodworking Manufacturing Software & Technologies.

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