Kebonized Wood Products

Hodjera Architectural Products  introduces Kebony, a range of non-toxic, sustainably treated wood products for interior and exterior applications. Kebony has developed a process that makes softwood look and act like hardwood, without the use of toxic chemicals. Kebony’s technology offers a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to tropical hardwood. The process of kebonization involves impregnating softwood with furfuryl alcohol, a natural waste product of agricultural crops including sugar cane and corn. The wood is then heated, causing a chemical reaction that changes its cells permanently. The resulting product, Kebony, is nontoxic, biologically inert and exceptionally resistant to weather, wear and decay, says the company, and requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Kebonization is a patented process in which wood properties are enhanced, adds the company. The wood becomes harder and more stable, with improved durability. Several wood types are suitable for kebonization, including Scots Pine and Southern Yellow Pine. Kebony’s wood products have been specified for diverse commercial, municipal and high-end residential architectural projects throughout Europe over the past decade, adds the company.

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