Legendary pencil and pen manufacturer Faber-Castell ups the ante with its Perfect Pencil, a cedar-wood pencil featuring a platinum clip, replaceable erasers and a sharpener atop. But the price is another matter. 

This is one pencil that does it all: Writing, sharpening, and erasing. A sturdy clip keeps the pencil secure in your pocket - and extra nice, it's platinum.

"It is a point protector, pencil extender and sharpener holder in one," says Faber-Castell, which makes all sorts of fine writing instruments and art supplies. 

 "And we have not forgotten the eraser, which is at the end of the pencil and is guaranteed not to smear," says Faber-Castell. "So the pocket pencil offers everything one needs for writing, sketching, or making notes."

Not into pencils? Faber-Castell has just released a high-end wood pen, the Ondoro, recently redesigned in smoked oak wood. Not as luxe as the Perfect Pencil - chrome plate instead of platinum - and so costs just $165.   

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