MONTREAL -- Sugatsune’s HES3D series hinges incorporate a feature that allow the hinge leaves to separate. One leaf is installed in the door frame, while the other is installed into the door itself. You can then install and adjust the door at any time.With five sizes and several finishes, the HES3D series hinges have three-way adjustability while incorporating a feature that allows the hinge leaves to separate. 
Unique invisible hinge with special features for residential and commercial applications, especially in applications where heat and humidity fluctuate. A 3-Way adjustment allows vertical, horizontal, and depth adjustment during and after installation. HES3D series hinges have vertical, horizontal, and depth adjustment features, so if your door isn’t perfectly aligned on the first try, this feature allows adjustments in each direction.
Sugatsune will be exhibiting in Booth 1090 at WMS 2021.  For more information go to Sugstsune Canada's website.

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