What Is Decor Paper?
Decor printing is a process involved in the production of decor paper; i.e. paper printed to resemble wood or other materials for use in flooring, furniture (worktops, cabinet fronts and sides) and interior decoration. Decor paper not only comes with the look of wood, stone, textiles, tiles and metals but is also available in fantasy and abstract designs
The choice of design and coloration will depend on the field in which the decor is to be used and customer wishes. Schattdecor offers over 1,000 different decors in a wide range of colorations, and its designers work constantly on developing new decors and colorations, many of them in line with closely-monitored trends. The results are regularly showcased at national and international trade shows. Schattdecor also complements its decor collection with designs developed and produced for a customer's exclusive use.

Schattdecor's lab proofing presses employ the same printing technology as the large-scale machines on which the decors are printed, thus ensuring that the proofs and the finished product correspond.
Decor paper is produced by means of rotogravure printing, whereby white or tinted special paper is used as the substrate at Schattdecor. Special requirements are made of the base paper in terms of its suitability for further processing, whereby use is often made of tinted paper as an additional color component.

Ever since its foundation in 1985, Schattdecor has solely used water-based inks incorporating heavy-metal-free, organic pigments out of a concern for the environment. The inks themselves are chosen with an eye on the processes the paper will later be submitted to, and at the same time have to be extremely lightfast. This is due to the differing UV levels that furniture and flooring are exposed to, and is also an important factor in view of later possible purchases of the same product or replacement items.

The gravure cylinders used to print decor paper consist of a nickel-plated steel core covered by a 0.7-mm thick layer of copper into which the decor pattern is engraved. The copper coating is protected from mechanical wear and tear by a thin chromium layer.

Printed decor paper is sold to companies in the timber products industry, where it is saturated with resin and laminated to a substrate such as chipboard or medium-density fibreboard (MDF) for use in the flooring and furniture industries.
Nowadays decors are no longer regarded as reproductions or imitations, but as high-quality originals in their own right. Moreover, in comparison to solid wood or veneered items, laminated furniture and flooring not only come in a broader choice of woodgrains and colorways but also offer advantages in terms of care.

Source: Schattdecor


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