Woodworking Network's Bill Esler takes a guided tour of Richelieu Hardware's new and trending Smart Living products with Veronique St-Cyr.

Richelieu is constantly at work on how to improve the way we live in our homes through the development of innovative products and systems. Richelieu’s new Smart Living concept is founded on the latest universal design trends that revolutionize how we use space and furniture for more functionality and comfort but without sacrificing elegant design. 

The Smart Living range of products lights up rooms to maximize their usage, makes furniture multi-functional or adds storage, tables and counter space with unique pull out systems for pantries, drawers and kitchen islands. 

With products from Richelieu’s Smart Living product range, small rooms become more functional in an instant. Beds double as storage, drawers light up when opened and a normal enough counter top suddenly unfolds to create an open kitchen for entertaining guests.

The Smart Living group of products also features innovative solutions for common household storage and recycling needs. From multi-purpose furniture, to fold-away doors, to lighting where you least expect it, Smart Living is the intelligent approach to organizing space beautifully.

More information and a comprehensive product catalog is available at Richelieu.com

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