Making intricate edge-grain pattern plywood



YouTuber and woodworker Michael Alm has taken plywood edgebanding to a new level.

To achieve a nice looking decorative effect, Alm opted to cut up and rearrange plywood into strips. He needed lots of glue.

"So I make quite a bit of plywood furniture in my shop and whenever I make a furniture piece I have to think about whether I want the exposed plywood edge or to cover it up with edgebanding," says Alm.

But Alm wanted a third option.

"That's what I'm working on. To see if I can make a decorative edge. Make it look like exposed plywood but a little fancier.

PLYWOOD EDGEBANDINGCheck out Alm's process in the video above. He goes through quite a bit of labor.

Check out Alm's other videos here.


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