Laguna Shows Plasma CNC Router Cutting Aluminum
Laguna Tools, Plasma CNC

Laguna says its new CNC Plasma Cutter has been engineered with an extremely rigid platform capable of performing the most demanding jobs at a low initial investment cost. It is designed for operational simplicity and incorporating features that ensure extremely accurate results.

"One of our engineering goals in developing the Laguna Smartshop CNC frame structure was to develop a "scalable" design that could be used with a number of cutting platforms," said Torben Helshoj, President of Laguna Tools.

"The new Laguna Plasma CNC is a great example of that concept in action." Starting from the ground up, Laguna's new CNC Plasma features a robust one-piece welded tubular steel frame that is heat treated and stress relieved. Precision-ground ball screws, helical racks and industrial linear guides ensure accuracy, repeatability and edge finish. Laguna's frame design is a significant improvement over the lightweight bolt-together designs typically found machines at this price level.

Operational simplicity and advanced machine controls are achieved through an industrial control provided by B&R Automation. High-end features such as automatic torch height control, break-away torch holder with sensor, and programmable pierce time delay, to name a few, are all standard features designed into the new machine.


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