New jig converts classic PantoRouter to precise metal joinery tool


The Hybrid PantoRouter is an all-metal version of the original PantoRouter invented by Mathias Wandel. Kuldeep Singh of Kyoto, Japan saw the wooden prototype on YouTube and was inspired to build a metal PantoRouter, which could be even more accurate and more easily reproduced. Kuldeep first experimented using steel, but later determined aluminum to be more advantageous. 
Through Kuldeep’s continued R&D and Matthias’ assistance, the new Hybrid PantoRouter is now a highly functional joinery jig with numerous new features:
  • Integrated templates for both mortise and tenon (M&T)
  • Tapered templates allowing adjustment of the M&T fit
  • A readily changeable and highly accurate guide-bearing mount
  • An improved pantograph suspension system
  • A tilting table to facilitate rapidly indexing and repeating compound angles
  • A simple and accurate depth stop
  • Lightweight yet rigid construction for mobility in the shop
The Hybrid PantoRouter allows you to create templates of your own design for functional and attractive joinery or creative designs. There’s no other tool or jig for woodworkers available today with the straightforward simplicity and the open-source potential to create truly unique and functional joinery, patterns and designs. 

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