Walnut slabs and hardwood lumber

Good Hope Hardwoods says all of its slabs and lumber are carefully milled — preserving the sequences of flitches —  air dried for 5 years on sticks and then finished in the company's dehumidification kilns and brought down to 8% before being added to salable inventory. In addition to walnut slabs, figured hardwoods for fine woodworking is the company's other specialty  and it also offers custom, random-width flooring. Species offered include premier walnut, cherry, and tiger maple, English walnut, butternut, ash and quarter-sawn white oak. Good Hope will also custom cut logs on request. The company has been in business since 1990.

About Good Hope Hardwoods

We are a high end specialty lumber company. We specialize in table top slabs, matched sets and flitches of lumber. Our lumber ranges in thickness from 4/4 to 24/4 and lenghts from 8' to 23' long. Visit our website and have a look. http://www.goodhopehardwoods.com/



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