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Two- and four-side planer-moulder
February 20, 2023 | 10:05 pm CST

Castaly Machine offers 2- and 4-side planer-moulder models that are designed for furniture, cabinet, flooring, intermittent planning millwork, and other industrial uses. The Perfect Planer-Moulder for S2S and S4S planning, tongue & groove flooring, wall paneling, and similar applications can achieve up to approximately 65 fpm depending on the depth of cuts and dimensions of parts.

The touchscreen operation with digital positioning controllers can be used to adjust width, thickness, and feed speed. The hard chrome-plated table offers a durable lifespan in long-term operation. Automatic top spindle and cutter head height adjustments entered via HMI touch-screen control with PLC. Assembly is supported by four hard chromed, polished posts and precision screws.

The floating bottom infeed rollers provide smooth and powerful feeding. Variable feed speeds are controlled by VFD. The touchscreen control is used to set up different material cutting specs. The heavy-duty spindle assemblies for durability & smooth finishes. Tables and fences are precision ground, polished, and hard chromed to provide long life and smooth feeding, the company says.