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Push feed upcut saw system for miter angles
TigerStop's new TigerSaw Miter is an automated saw system that pushes feed material and cuts it to the perfect miter angle according to the company. The company says it can accurately cut miters to a tolerance of +/- .1 degree and can move from -45 to 45 degrees in three seconds flat. It features a self-adjusting fence that ensures material stays flush against the back fence as it is being fed out of the saw. It can be configured with solid, plastic roller, or steel roller tables, and with TigerStop, TigerTurbo, or HeavyDuty 2 to push 120lbs, 840lbs, and up to 2,100 of material respectively. It comes with TigerStop’s Cut List Downloading software, TigerLink 6 and the controller can be upgraded to a TigerTouch touch screen tablet.