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Large-capacity crosscut saw

Crosscut Solutions offers pneumatic and mechanical cutoff saws that produce smooth, accurate cuts for the manufacture of flooring, windows, cabinets and pallets. Now with a new design, the CS18P2X24 pneumatically operated saw features easily adjustable cycle speeds up to 15 strokes per minute, and a large 2-in. thick X 24-in. wide capacity. It also features a double palm switch for saw activation with anti-tie down feature.


About Crosscut Solutions LLC

Crosscut Solutions offers a wide variety of up-cutting saws as both mechanical cut off saw and pneumatic cut-off saw designs. These cut-off saws are being used as defecting saws for the woodworking and flooring industry, producing cut stock for the pallet operations and cutting finished components for the cabinet industry. We also offer lubrication system to these cut-off saws so they can be used to cut aluminum parts.