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Finger-Joint Miter Machine with Dowel Drilling

Unique Machine and Tool’s Model 313 Finger Joint Miter Machine features an automatic cycle with dowel drilling for accurate alignment of mitered corners. It has highly visible guards and a hands-free foot valve to achieve accurate clamping. Additionally the dual hand actuated start buttons make the machine easy and safe to operate, says the company. In tests, the Model 313 Finger Joint Miter Series  has been shown to provide the strongest joint available on the market, says the company. Itr has a 15 second cycle time equaling one door produced a minute and it will miter, finger-joint and drill in one cycle. It features 2 FHP Belt-Drive Spindle Motors and has a 1” material thickness capacity with compressed air requirements of 90PSI – CFM. The machine weighs 1,600 lbs. with a work height of 3’ and a machine footprint of 85” wide x 46” deep. Available options include the 313 with two positions for dual dowel insertion and the 313 EXT with extended clamps to cut thicker parts.