CNC dovetail machines
May 10, 2022 | 10:29 am CDT

Castaly offers two models of CNC dovetail machines with pre-programmed dovetails. Model CNC-600NC includes modules for: English dovetail joints with all the same fixed length’s dovetail and pitch, French blind dovetails and threading dovetail joints with rectangular instead of round fingers. Model CNC-700NC has 3 extra modules: alter English one dovetail joints with all the same lengths dovetail by different/variable pitch, alter English two dovetail joints with different lengths dovetail and different pitch, and parallel indent straight cut (beehive type) finger joints.

The pre-program movement can do a complete cutting cycle, says Castaly, and the PLC control, high-tech automatic dovetail machines enable mass production for various tenon sizes, shapes, and lengths. Operators can choose the production profile according to orders, and the machine is able to change or design the wood materials variously, set the working speed, sizes of tenons and mortises, and intervals by the HMI. The profiles can be saved for reusing.