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Cut Off Saw Options

Crosscut Solutions manufactures mechanical and pneumatic cut off saws for the woodworking industry. The company offers a variety of cut off saw options to fit the needs of its customers. The saw options include full integration with TigerStop in feed and out feed systems, says the company. Other saw options include a quick adjust for rapid adjustment for various lumber thicknesses; a double palm system to keep an operator’s hands clear and safe; a Kool Mist lube system for misting the blade for nonferrous material cutting; in feed and out feed roller conveyors available to meet the customer’s application; cutting capacities available to include 2” x 8”. 2” x 12”, and 4” x 8”; and an expanded steel hand guard that offers durability and safety plus lets the operator see his work.  Crosscut Solutions says it saws are designed to offer durability. When maintenance is required, the company adds its saws offer easy access through a rear panel area, with a top cover hinges up to access the saw through the top. Saw blades can be changed easily through the top, adds the company.

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About Crosscut Solutions LLC

Crosscut Solutions offers a wide variety of up-cutting saws as both mechanical cut off saw and pneumatic cut-off saw designs. These cut-off saws are being used as defecting saws for the woodworking and flooring industry, producing cut stock for the pallet operations and cutting finished components for the cabinet industry. We also offer lubrication system to these cut-off saws so they can be used to cut aluminum parts.