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Pinless Moisture Meter

Delmhorst’s ProScan Moisture Meter is a pinless moisture meter with species corrections, designed to provide an accurate solution for woodworkers, manufacturers of flooring and furniture and general contractors. The ProScan features an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-read digital display. Other features include built-in calibration check, species corrections (.30 - .80 SG) and battery checks with an auto-off timer. The ProScan allows users to freeze the reading on the screen, providing a more convenient view when using the Hold feature. By entering the specific gravity of the wood being tested, the meter automatically adjusts for wood density and displays a corrected %MC reading. It also allows the technician to test a large number of samples quickly, says the company. ProScan, available July 2013, is manufactured and serviced in the U.S.

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