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Automated Compound Mitering System

TigerStop introduces TigerAngle, a system that offers automated material length positioning and compound mitering. TigerAngle is designed for any application where high volume horizontal and vertical angle cutting is required, including windows and doors, timber processing, framing, and palleting. TigerAngle will speed production processes up to 75% depending on the application, says the company.TigerAngle is equipped with theTigerStop automated length positioning system and can be used as a stop in a set point operation or as a push feed operation. Material positioning is fully automated and the miter saw has been retrofitted with TigerStop drives for accurate automated miter adjustments, adds the company. TigerStop’s Beamworks Software was developed for TigerAngle, for compound miter cutting optimization. The operator can create or download cut lists directly to the computer, receive operator feedback with visual representations of materials and store repeat jobs. Beamworks is compatible with many other woodworking software programs, allowing for additional customization. It has a redesigned Safety Hood plus a Material Clamping System to grip material. The Extended Pusher Foot can obtain the smallest precision cuts without reaching into the machine, says TigerStop. Users can visualize the cut prior to execution with the Laser Guide.

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