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Widebelt Sanders With Modular Design
September 10, 2015 | 2:42 pm CDT

The Newman A4000 Series features 12 models of Widebelt Sanders. The series is designed to provide increased production volume and increased width requirements in heavy workload environments, says the company. It features solid steel plate weldments and modular design. The A4000 Series has been designed and built in America for the American market, adds the company. The Widebelt Sander Series is designed to provide tight tolerance work and high quality surface finish for all abrasive finishing requirements. Additional features include air tensioned and tracked abrasive belts, safety door interlocks, AC variable speed conveyor drive, color touch screen operator interface, digital thickness indicator for bed position and quick release on all sander heads for belt changes. The series also features a 110 VAC control circuit, electric belt tracking eye, on screen data collection system, and anti-kickback fingers on all models. Easy maintenance features include slide out head assembly. Models in the Series include the 4138, 4143, 4154 Models with one head; the 4238, 4243 and 4254 Models with two heads; the4338, 4343 and 4354 all with three heads; and the 4438, 4443 and 4454 Models with four heads each. For additional information visit