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Scraping Tool Attachable to Shop Vacs

Oneida Air Systems introduces the Viper Scraper, ideal for paint scraping, stucco/textured surface removal, hardwood floor installation and refinishing, lead abatement, and boat refinishing and repair. The Viper Scraper is a lightweight hand scraping tool that attaches to the hose of standard wet/dry vacuums, allowing the user to collect waste right from the source.  When the wet/dry vacuum is in operation, its suction captures debris from the Viper Scraper’s blade, carrying it through its hollowed-out handle and onward into the shop vacuum’s canister, significantly reducing downtime for cleanup while keeping the work environment safe and clean, says the company. 

When the Viper Scraper is used in conjunction with Oneida Air’s Dust Deputy, scraped debris is captured inside the Dust Deputy’s bucket instead of the vacuum’s canister, preventing vacuum filter wear, adds Oneida.The Viper Scraper is injection molded from a fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a high-grip textured finish. It features a reversible tungsten carbide blade.  The Viper Scraper’s MSRP is $23.99.  Replacement blades, sold separately, will be available in packs of three.  MSRP for a 3-pack of replacement tungsten carbide blades is $14.99, and MSRP for a 3-pack of steel angled blades, which are used forward scraping and other fine detail scraping, is $17.99.