Oscillating multi-tool

The Bosch GOP12V-28 12V max starlock oscillating multi-tool features the next-generation Starlock 3-D interface. It has a 2.8 degree oscillating arc and a variable-speed dial allows users to match the oscillating speed to the material and task at hand with a range of 5,000 to 20,000 OPM (oscillations per minute) with a constant response circuitry that allows the tool to maintain speed even as load increases. With a soft-grip handle, the tool features a flexible accessory orientation with positions at every 30 degrees for customizable accessory positioning. Magnets help hold the blade in position and simplify blade changes and it includes a hex wrench for changing blades. Available for $99, the oscillating multi-tool weighs 1.75 lbs. and measures 11.2 in. long.

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