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Curtain walls and dividers

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), a world leader in innovation for paint booths and finishing systems technologies, is now offering curtain walls and dividers for industrial applications. Designed for separating and maximizing usable shop space, retractable curtain walls can be used for a variety of applications, including dust containment, limited painting, sanding, grinding, welding and woodworking. At a fraction of the cost of permanent wall construction, curtain walls are a cost-effective solution for separating work areas, while offering the flexibility of a temporary, retractable barrier.

Featuring their proprietary Steel-Scrim vinyl, GFS curtain walls are designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest industrial environments. The toughest PVC vinyl on the market, Steel-Scrimâ„¢ vinyl is 84 percent stronger than the industry standard 16-oz vinyl. The strength of Steel-Scrimâ„¢ vinyl is due to the unique, tri-lateral polyester scrim design.

GFS curtains come standard with Steel-Scrim vinyl on the top and bottom panels with a 20-mil, clear or 14-mil, weld-view PVC window in between. Both window options allow view of workers while protecting against paint overspray, dirt, dust, grinding sparks or harmful UV rays.

In addition to standard industrial curtain walls, GFS also offers Energy Shield insulated curtain walls. Featuring 3M Thinsulate thermal technology, Energy Shield curtains are ideal for dividing temperature zones in a facility. Energy Shield curtains maintain temperature separation of up to 24 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing energy costs, and are available as stationary or fold-away walls.

For an extra tough resistance to tears, the interior seams of all GFS curtain walls are electronically welded with RF bar sealers. The RF bar sealer heats and bonds the vinyl and PVC panels together for a long-lasting hold. Outer hems on the curtain are sewn with a heavy-duty, double-lock stitched nylon thread. To stabilize against drafts, a galvanized chain is inserted into the four-inch bottom pocket of the curtain.

GFS industrial curtains are available with a variety of accessories and options, and can be customized to your shop colors. All materials meet NFPA 701 for fire retardancy.