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Cryogenic Sanding Belt Cleaner

IceClean Systems offers a PLC controlled sanding belt cleaning system, called IceClean-On, that is installed on sanders and incorporates dry ice particles and/or other mixed media to remove the wood dust buildup from both paper and cloth backed sanding belts. IceClean-On increases hardwood sanding life for the belts by up to eight times, the company says, improves sanding quality, reduces sanding rejects and reworks, and increases production up-time. The systems can be installed on all sanders (wide-belt, narrow belt, bag, and edge sanders) and can reduce costs to increase profits for panel products, flooring, cabinets, furniture, and all other kinds of wood products and sanded coatings, the company adds.

IceClean-On is an automatic system, but in many cases a manual version system can be used, providing more economical approach that is effective for smaller producers.