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Affordable sanding robot

Stolbek Machines based in Canada introduces Cosmo, an affordable robotic sanding system for doors. The company asserts the unit is the "only robotic sander on the market that can sand edges, break corners and handle any type of cabinet door you throw at it." Designed to be a true single-piece flow lean machine, Cosmo doubles the speed of existing sanding operations, and transfers 80% of the sanding off people, according to the company. The machine is designed to require no special programming.

Stolbek founder Brad Cairns developed the machine while trying to solve sanding problems for his own woodworking company. He set out to build a robot to take on the ugly job of sanding doors.  He said the machine worked better than expected and didn’t take long to take the industry by storm. Cairns says people in your operation doing the sanding now will be the people running this machine.

Stolbek Cosmo robotic sander