Aerosol Spray Shellac-Based Finishes

ShellacFinishes introduces Royal-Lac ready to go shellac-based wood finishes in aerosol spray canisters. Royal-Lac Aerosol spray cans are now available in Gloss and Low Gloss versions. Royal-Lac Aerosol wood finish gives woodworkers, wood carvers, scroll saw artists, gourd artists and others the ability to quickly and easily apply a finish, says the company. Royal-Lac says the aerosol application simplifies the process for uneven surfaces and also for small jobs. Royal-Lac Aerosol can eliminate most of the application learning curve, adds the company, and offers simplified cleanup. When finished, users hold the can upside down and give a few quick puffs to clear the nozzle, according to the company. Royal-Lac Aerosol Low Gloss enables the artist to spray on a coat to get a desired low gloss finish, adds the company. Royal-Lac Aerosol is a proprietary formulation formed by cross-linking shellac with synthetic resins to form new polyester chains that the company says combines the look and feel of shellac with the durability of synthetic finishes.  Royal-Lac Aerosol Gloss is priced at $16.95 per can and Low Gloss costs $17.95 per can.

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