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Liquid Metal Surface Treatment

MakeItMetal’s Liquid Metal can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including MDF, wood, metals, ceramic, stone, plastic, concrete and fiberglass.  Applications include furniture, doors, flooring, joinery, signage, building facades, shop-fittings and   Cost effective in comparison to solid noble metals, says the company, Liquid Metal is waterproof, and provides a versatile product that gives surfaces the look and feel of solid metal. Coated surfaces may be treated as solid metal, adds MakeItMetal, which offers a wide range of finishing effects. Applied metals may be aged with a range of patinas to change color and texture and can be sealed with a hard wax oil, nano-coating or lacquer. The material can be applied continuously and seamlessly via spray, brush, trowel cast and by pouring and allows users to do repairs on site, says the company. Surfaces can be polished, satin, matt, brushed, or textured.

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