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Software supports Canon roll-to-roll printers

The Flexi 22, SA International’s latest version of its raster imaging processor software, supports all of Canon's Colorado entire UVgel roll-to-roll printer range (1630, 1640, 1650, M3 [W] and M5 [W]). Service Pack 4 for Flexi 22 adds drivers for the Colorado range, and supports both white and multilayer printing. The software drivers also support Canon’s FLXfinish+ technology, which enables customers to print matte, gloss or mixed matte and gloss on the same print, without the need for additional varnish.

The SAi Flexi is capable of driving up to five printers simultaneously and any number of cutters. The addition of the cross-platform ‘Flexi Designer’ gives users a seamless workflow from design to production. An easy-to-use white printing workflow, that allows for the creation and customization of white layers, comes as standard in all versions of SAi Flexi. The software incorporates a robust 64-bit RIP architecture that ensures optimal performance and precision in advanced color management, spot color mapping, Pantone matching, true-shape nesting, and banner finishing.