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Return Conveyor Series with Advanced Features

Doucet Machineries says its Doucet BT3 Return Conveyor is designed to increase efficiency into the manufacturing process. The BT3 series of Return Conveyors can be adapted to multiple applications such as with an edgebander, rip saw, wide belt sander, single or double end tenoners, finishing line and planer. The BT3 is built around a modular frame, says the company, and it can also be reconfigured to a customer’s request for size and orientation for a custom design system layout. BT3 Return Conveyors are available in five roller widths and incorporate a fast, simple and effective belt transfer system to handle parts for non-marring of the material, adds the company. The BT3 Return Conveyor’s receiving rollers are equipped with a down stroke mechanism that is activated by detection of the trailing end of the panels exiting a user’s equipment. Transfer belts nested between the rollers are used to side shift the product to a set of motorized rollers parallel to the equipment. Return rollers can be situated 2” lower than the pass line on a user’s equipment to avoid interference when overlapping panels are traveling in opposite directions, adds the company. The BT3 Return Conveyors are built for right or left-handed but are adaptable to changing needs as the transfer and return orientation can be field modified from right-hand to left-hand and vice-versa. A PT-90 Panel Turner, available on all models has been designed to return long rectangular panels lengthwise after finishing of the narrow side. Other available features include a return conveyor extension beyond the transfer unit can be installed on casters to be disconnected quickly for easy access to the side of the paired equipment, adds Doucet.