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Powered stacker with ergonomic design
November 16, 2021 | 8:46 am CST

The PowerStak from Presto ECOA is equipped with a powered drive that allows palletized loads to be moved over long distances by any operator regardless of size or physical strength. It features a compact design, low overall weight, and quiet operation, the company says, which allow the PowerStak to fit into a variety of work environments. Six models are available in fork-over configurations for use with open bottom pallets or with adjustable straddle bases for use with any style pallet including closed bottom. All models have a 2,200 lb. capacity at a 24 in. load center. Available lifting heights are 62 in., 101 in., 125 in. and 150 in. All models feature an ergonomically designed control handle that puts all functions including lift, lower, forward and reverse within easy reach for operator comfort and convenience, the company says.