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Dust collector

Oneida Air Systems expanded its award-winning Supercell dust collector series with the new Supercell Turbo. With 30% more CFM (up to 536 CFM) than the classic Supercell, the Supercell Turbo offers more airflow to tools requiring higher CFM and to more ports than ever before. Its high suction power moves dust-laden air at a relentless pace, overcoming resistance points (such as long hose or duct runs, 90-degree angles, and small diameter connections) that would choke traditional dust collection systems. Like the classic version, the Supercell Turbo has a 97.8” static pressure rating—over 10 times higher suction power than standard dust collectors. The 230V unit ships with bare wiring and requires a 30 Amp circuit. Its onboard HEPA-grade filter media easily pulses clean.