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CNC Modular Control System for Machining Centers

OSAI introduces OPENMill, a new hardware and software solution for machining centers. OPENMill is a CNC modular control system for control of machining centers. The new OSAI hardware and software modules provide optimized management of a variety of machines from simple 3 axis milling machines to complex 5 axis machining centers, says the company. The OPENMill system is designed to simplify the installation and commissioning for a faster time-to-market. The OPENMill software programs and controls the machining center managing the execution of programs from either an external CAD-CAM or locally using graphic and parametric programming of cycles and profiles. OSAI says the programmer does not require any knowledge of ISO language used by the CNC as a result of the simple to use integrated conversational editor.  OSAI adds the OPENMill software matches the OPENcontrol Software configured as OPEN-20 and includes all the functions required to control machines with up to four interpolated axes. The OPENcontrol software configured as OPEN-30 has been specifically designed for complex machines with five or more interpolated axes per process, up to 24 processes and up to 64 controlled axes. The real-time SoftPLC integrated in the CNC allows the interface of the control with most machine systems. The system has 250 multi-task capability at 10 priority levels and 450 available functions. The OPENcontrol family of CNCs are scalable with block processing speeds of up to 7,000 blocks per second. The OPENcontrol can also use compact or modular drives, servo motors, and spindle motors, says OSAI.

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