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Box making machines

The cut c 100 and cut c 200 box-making machines are available from SCM. The cut c range is designed to meet all custom cardboard packaging needs from small to large assembled and kit furniture companies for the production of boxes in maximum flexibility, different from each other in format and size according to a "just in time" logic.

Packaging is based on the real dimensions of the product, thus avoiding the use of expensive additional filling materials and related labor time. The machines have one cross-unit and 7 (up to 12 optional) longitudinal units. The longitudinal and cross perforation is provided as standard. The cut c can be fed in 3 ways: single cardboard sheet or fanfold, with up to 4  fanfolds side by side, or with automatic selector of up to 8  fanfolds (optional). Its cutting system forsees a wider contact surface and a counter-roller made of case-hardened steel that provides better cutting quality and longer life than sharp tools that require more frequent maintenance.