64-Bit Compatible CAD/CAM Software

Vero Software introduces the latest release of the Alphacam CAD/CAM software. Alphacam 2015 R2 is 64-bit compatible, meaning its programs can utilize all available memory and end users can now process large files without any issues arising, says the company. Alphacam 2015 R2 features a GUI, which includes a new fully customisable radial menu so users can set up as few or as many commands as they need. Enhancements in 2015 R2 give many more advanced options, including wire frame machining for effective trimming, and multi-axis roughing, which allows roughing to the actual contour, removing any unnecessary fresh-air machining. Side Wall Axial Relief Feed (SWARF) machining reduces 5-axis cycle times and gives a better surface finish through effective side-of-tool machining. The strategy is to finish the part in one cut, through constant cutting conditions giving increased material removal and a constant low cutting force, along with simultaneous 5-axis vector orientation providing full access to machining areas. Enhanced Feature Extraction makes it easier to find features on orthogonal panel faces with the option of finding holes and contours on any panel face at the same time, speeding up panel processing.  Part Management features full associativity between a part and its copy. Whenever an original part is amended on Alphacam 2015 R2, there is the option to automatically update the copy. Improved on-screen realism is achieved through Rendered Z-Level Geometries and Material Textures.  Users can now apply any texture-- including metal, wood, granite, plastic or composite, so that it looks on-screen how it will look on the machine. Rendered clamps and fixtures can also be shown on a full machine configuration. Additional new functions apply to Nesting, which identified parts by name rather than number and Solidworks Assembly Support speeds up processing.


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