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Variable Speed Drive Compressor

Atlas Copco introduces the GA 7-37 VSD+ oil-injected, oil-cooled rotary screw compressors with variable speed drive, which reduces energy consumption by 50 percent on average, says the company, compared to idling compressors. Atlas Copco says the variable speed drive compressor also offers improved performance, silent operation (down to 62 dB(A)) and a compact footprint, due to its vertical drive train design. The GA VSD+ features an interior permanent magnet motor, directly coupled to Atlas Copco’s screw element. The drive train is a completely closed, oil-cooled unit that is quiet and reliable (IP 66), adds Atlas Copco. The compressor features a new fan motor, which offers additional savings on specific energy requirements of up to 7 percent of the compressor power, says the company. The compressor has a working pressure of 58 – 188 psig and an installed motor power of 10 – 50 HP. It has a capacity FAD (l,S) of 6,8 – 116,4 l/s and a capacity FAD (m3/h, cfm) of 14,4 – 246,4 cfm. For maximized efficiency, the Elektronikon controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure with a predefined and narrow pressure band. The controller can be adapted to a user’s specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions.

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