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Multi-Species Wood Moisture Meter

The new Precision Multi-Species Wood Moisture Meter MMD8P from General Tools & Instruments can measure the moisture content of 48 species of wood and offers temperature compensation. It’s designed for use in lumber selection and purchasing as well as in the shop before sealing, treating or joining, and before painting or wallpapering. It is equipped with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display, providing contrast and clarity, especially in outdoor lighting conditions. The MMD8P displays the species name of the wood being measured, making it far more convenient than models that display only a code number requiring reference to a manual, says the company. It enables users to compensate moisture measurements for the effect of ambient temperature such as taking lumber from outdoors to indoors. The MMD8P can measure and display ambient temperature and relative humidity (RH) alongside the moisture level measurement and it allows for storing and recalling up to 100 measurement records including moisture level, wood species name, ambient temperature, relative humidity and any temperature compensation applied. The MMD8P also can display moisture measurements via an analog bar graph screen instead of a digital moisture level percentage, and its pin cover doubles as a calibration checker.

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