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Coalescing Compressed Air Filters


Atlas Copco has introduced UD+ coalescing compressed air filters available with capacities of 19 scfm to 16950 scfm, which combine two filtration processes into one product while reducing pressure drops by 40 percent, says the company. Atlas Copco adds the UD+ represents a major filter innovation that results in energy and cost savings without compromising reliability or air quality. The two-in-one UD+ filter utilizes wrapped filter technology using a glass fiber filter media package wrapped around the filter core. Compared with traditional pleated filters, one UD+ filter is more efficient and reliable than two in-line filters that were previously required to bring oil aerosol and solid particles in the compressed air down to levels that meet ISO 8573-1 Oil Class 1 and 2 and ISO 8573-1 Solid Particle Class 1 standards, according to the company. The UD+ comes equipped with the high quality protection layers and a thick package of wrapped, enhanced glass fiber filter media, says the company, and it is certified according to ISO 12500-1:2007 and ISO 8573-2:2007 standards by TÜV Rheinland. This video explains the technology behind the UD+.

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