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Contour Edgebander with Touch Screen Control Panel

Oliver Machinery’s new Model 8805 Contour Edgebander applies edge banding to irregular shaped or contoured work pieces. The edgebander can use tape measuring from 0.45mm tape up to 3mm tape.  A movable head easily follows the work piece even on tight radiuses, says the company, and it senses sharper radiuses, slowing down while engaging a second pressing roller. The Oliver contour edgebander applies edges to virtually any shape, adds the company, with radiuses as small as 30mm. Butt joints to .15mm tolerances are achievable, too, says Oliver. The machine addresses the issue of proper adhesion, according to the company, offering the benefits to end users of greatly reduced product defects and greater product longevity. It features a simple to understand touch screen control panel and parameters, which are quick to set, says Oliver, and no cam software is needed. In semi-automatic mode the tape application can be stopped if the product only requires three sides. A maximum overall diameter of 100” of product is achievable, adds the company.

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