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Natural look wall panels

Monarc Wall Panel Solutions have been introduced by 3A Composites USA to enable design specialists to transform interior spaces with the premium look of natural elements such as stone, wood, tile and metal, at a fraction of the cost, weight and maintenance.

A specialized and proprietary manufacturing process allows Monarc wall panels to be produced with high-quality finishes designed for kitchen, bath and shower enclosure applications as well as for living room accents and other interior living space treatments. The wall panels also can be used in commercial decor designs, including restaurants, retail spaces, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

Monarc consists of two sheets of premium .012-inch aluminum bonded to a fire-retardant mineral core, a composition that produces a durable aluminum composite panel that offers exceptional dent resistance and flatness. High-resolution digital images are transferred to the premium surface, creating the appearance of authentic natural materials that add value to interior designs.

3A Composites Monarc wall panels