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Cabinet doors

Genesis Products says that laminate doors not only outperform paint or stain wood doors for durability, cleanability and repeatability, but they also save 40% in labor and material costs. The company's new OEM cabinet doors profiles include 5-piece mitered, thin Shaker, and cap & dowel. Users can get custom-tailored solutions or select from standard profiles with paper or vinyl laminates.

About Genesis Products

Genesis Products is the single source for your next panel, door, or drawer program. In 2023, we added Funder America to our product solutions, making us the most comprehesive laminate panel and component supplier in the U.S.

With over 1.8 million sq. ft. and a presence throughout the Midwest, East and Southeast, we have the capacity and proximity to meet your needs.

See how we continually work to drive this industry forward, while keeping our customers always at the forefront at