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Paneling from Reclaimed Redwood and Cedar Fencing

Viridian Reclaimed Wood introduces its line of paneling derived from reclaimed cedar and redwood fencing, called Good Neighbor Fencing. Viridian says the name was inspired by Robert Frost’s verse about good fences making good neighbors. Available in Weathered Redwood, Fresh-Sawn Redwood and Multi-toned varieties, the Good Neighbor paneling is lightweight and easy to work with, says Viridian. Weathered Redwood is made from wood that has been exposed to years of sun, rain and snow, says the company, and features a wind-worn color. Fresh Sawn Redwood has a hint of character from life as a fence board, adds Viridian. The Multi-Toned paneling includes reds, charcoals, grays, browns and moss greens. All material is kiln dried, goes through a brushing process and can be milled many ways for easy installation. Paneling is 1/2” thick, with a 5” face, in lengths of 12”-70”. Viridian Good Neighbor Paneling is FSC Recycled 100% (post-consumer reclaimed) and can contribute points toward the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Credits: MRc3: (Materials Reuse), MRc4 (Recycled Content), MRc5 (Regional Materials) and MRc7 (Certified Wood).

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